U Buffet

************* Original review was published August 2015 *******************

See below for updates and pictures

U Buffet is the new buffet on West Street. Its been open about a month now.

Its a nice enough place. Very bright, friendly staff and great food. They have your standard Chinese Buffet dishes as well as a nice salad bar. Desserts are quite nice too. At night then have a BBQ station open where you can get stuff on skewers freshly cooked for you. Minor thing is that the staff take your cutlery when they take your plates so you need to get one. I just got mine off another table but you’re supposed to get it from the station at the same time you top up your food.


At the moment the lunch is good and reasonable priced. Only £7.50 from 11.45 to 4.30pm. At night its £13.90 Monday to Thursday and £14.90 Friday and Saturday.

During the day, its convenient location and great price make it an ideal place to eat on West Street. At night though, I think the Cosmo is better. U Buffet is great but Cosmo has set the bar extremely high. Cosmo wins out on the unlimited drinks refills and being a world buffet they have more dishes. For most that won’t matter though. Even I was full before I could try everything at the U-Buffet.

Website is a work in progress but its http://u-buffet.co.uk/
58-60 West Point
West Street
S1 4EP
Telephone: 01142723668

***************** Update for 2015. *****************

Since I wrote this review back in August 2014, things have changed. I think on average over the year, I’ve been to ubuffet more than Cosmo. If you want the full international buffet then Cosmos still wins but for a Chinese buffet, U-buffet is better.

I finally introduced myself and asked if they’d pay for advertising. The owner thought about it for a second and said no. Usually I don’t bother with payment but this place does Living Social vouchers/ coupons so they are paying them so why not pay a local? Guess he knew that I’d write a nice review anyway so no need to pay 🙂

I took some pictures this time.

2015-07-23 20.54.43
Drinks Menu

2015-07-23 20.54.50
Drinks Menu 2

2015-07-23 20.51.12
Grill – Only at night. Does nice kebabs and meat dishes.

2015-07-23 20.51.34
Stir Fry Bar – Open at lunch too. Fill your plate with fresh ingredients and the chef will cook in any sauce you want.

2015-07-23 20.51.40
Starter dishes. Chicken wings are nice. Also the spare ribs. Open all the time.

2015-07-23 20.51.53
Dessert Bar. Lots of nice desserts. Better selection at night but adequate at lunch.

2015-07-23 20.52.01
Salad Bar. Nice and simple stuff. Its not all covered in dressing. Very healthy.

2015-07-23 20.52.06
More dishes. This bit is only open at night. More meaty dishes.

2015-07-23 20.52.31
Soup area and bar.

Opening times and prices

Monday to Friday 11.45 til 4.30pm £7.50. Customers must vacate their table by 4.30pm.

Saturday 11.45 til 4.30pm £9.90

Sunday 11.45 am til 10pm £12.90

Monday to Thursday 4.30pm till 11am £13.90. Last orders at 10pm and must finish by 11pm.

Friday and Saturday 4.30pm til 12am £14.90. Last orders at 11pm and must finish by midnight.

Definitely the best all you can eat Chinese buffet in Sheffield. Cosmo is still great but its comparing apples and oranges.

Mirpuri Dhera

Mirpuri Dhera is a unique dining experience, offering a huge range of Kashmiri, Pakistani and Chinese dishes, plus a range of grilled Indian Dishes in a buffet setting.

Quite nice but a bit out of the way. As with all buffets, not quite Cosmo. I do actually prefer the Arooj for an Indian too. This one is worth going to as well though.


261 Staniforth Road | Sheffield | S93FP
t. 0114 244 9199 | e. info@mirpuridhera.co.uk

Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday | 5pm – 10.45pm


Not really a buffet but they do an unlimited salad bar. There is one at the Centertainment and one at Meadowhall. You just need to buy a regular meal which starts from about £4.

Website for centertainment

Valley Centertainment, Broughton Lane, Sheffield, S9 2EP

01142 619 836

Website for Meadowhall.
Address: Unit 13,The Oasis,Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield S9 1EP
Phone: 0114 256 8248

Aagrah Sheffield

There are two Aagrah’s in Sheffield. One in town and one out at Crystal Peaks. The one at Crystal Peaks is a World Buffet all the time. Not been there yet.

The buffet in the one in town is nice but its only on Sunday and Monday evenings from 6:00pm – 9:30pm. The rest of the time its just your regular Indian restaurant.

for Crystal Peaks.

200 Waterthorpe Greenway,
Crystal Peaks,
South Yorkshire,
S20 8LY

Website for city centre

Unit 1 Leopold Square
Leopold Street,
S1 2JG

Pizza Hut Buffet

Pizza hut do an all you can eat lunch buffet. Quite reasonable if you like that type of stuff. Pizzas have single topping so don’t expect a nice meat feat. You also get pasta and salad included. For a bit extra you can get unlimited icecream as well. I must try that one day as the icecream at Pizza Hut is that nice whipped stuff.

There is one on the high street in Sheffield. There are others dotted around, some of which will also do the lunch buffet. Other thing about Pizza Hut is that the unlimited salad is all day, so if you can get full off salad, you can order a small pizza and attack the salad bar.


41-47 High Street,
South Yorkshire,
S1 2GB


Troperio is a chain of Brazilian buffets.

Its OK but really expensive. They come round with the meat so you are not really getting to eat when you want. Some of the cuts of meat are really cheap so you aren’t getting much value. In terms of experience, its worth going once though but I don’t think I’ll be going back there.

Visit Website

7 Leopold Square,
South Yorkshire
S1 2JG


This is a little gem of a buffet. Its located in Attercliffe so off the beaten track.

It serves Indian Food. Dishes are nice and you get a lot of meaty dishes which you don’t normally get. Buffets are generally cheap carbs but this one is really good.

Its only £7.99 at anytime. Only open in the evenings from 5pm til 10.30pm. They have no alcohol licence so you can bring your own. Cokes are £2 a glass and redbulls are £2.50. If I was younger or a student, I’d be tempted to go there with a 6 pack and a bottle of Vodka. Just drink beer and vodka redbulls.

See the review in the Sheffield Telegrapgh.
See the website

286 Attercliffe Rd
S4 7WZ
01142 757 786