This is a little gem of a buffet. Its located in Attercliffe so off the beaten track.

It serves Indian Food. Dishes are nice and you get a lot of meaty dishes which you don’t normally get. Buffets are generally cheap carbs but this one is really good.

Its only £7.99 at anytime. Only open in the evenings from 5pm til 10.30pm. They have no alcohol licence so you can bring your own. Cokes are £2 a glass and redbulls are £2.50. If I was younger or a student, I’d be tempted to go there with a 6 pack and a bottle of Vodka. Just drink beer and vodka redbulls.

See the review in the Sheffield Telegrapgh.
See the website

286 Attercliffe Rd
S4 7WZ
01142 757 786

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